We offer blended learning & unique education services for families. Our services include tutoring, homeschool coaching and planning strategies, and culturally affirming-educational enrichment.


If you’re looking for educational assistance, we offer a variety of tutoring services. One-on-one subject reinforcement, best practices, test taking skills and strategies. Offered virtually and local (NC).

Education Resources

Join us for culturally affirming, fun, and interactive activities.

Coaching & Planning

Thinking about homeschool for your family, but not sure where to start? We’ll create a plan together that is right for your family. Ongoing coaching with quarterly checkins.

We’re A Village. A Family. A Community.

We believe that it takes a village, not just to raise a child, but also to educate them. Momma Blue’s Village isn’t your typical tutoring company. We cultivate an environment that gives our students and their families a village that supports them. 




Summer Tutoring

Study Skills

Positive Relationships Are Key to Students’ Overall Success. 

Our focus is on educating the whole child, not just academic education but also social and emotional education. At Momma Blue’s Village, we take time to get to know our students and listen to them; they are great truth-tellers! We aim to foster long-term development where our students thrive in all areas of life.


What Families Are Saying

I am so thankful to have found Leila! She is always available to talk, and provides a wealth of information to help me and my son. She gives one-on-one attention, which I feel is critical for those of us who homeschool our special needs children. She has been an invaluable resource! – Nichole Hall

We love and recommend Momma Blue’s Village! Our daughter has received both homeschool and tutoring services since 2018. Mrs. Blue took the time to develop an Individual Educational Plan that assisted our daughter with learning formulas and techniques in her areas of difficulty. – Nikisha Brown